39th District Reps. Carolyn Eslick and Sam Low issue statement on dedication of Oso Slide Memorial on 10-year anniversary of landslide

Today marked the 10-year anniversary of the devastating Oso landslide, which claimed 43 lives. Thirty-Ninth District Reps. Carolyn Eslick and Sam Low were in attendance for the dedication of the Oso Slide Memorial, which honors those who were lost, the survivors, the responders, and the surrounding communities.

Eslick and Low issued the following statement:

“We were deeply moved today as we witnessed the dedication of the Oso Slide Memorial, commemorating the 10-year anniversary of the devastating Oso landslide. Seeing the site, talking to those who were impacted, learning more about those we lost, and experiencing the unveiling of the memorial are things we’ll never forget.

“In the presence of families, our incredible first responders, and all who came to pay their respects, we mourned and remembered the 43 individuals we lost. Yet, amidst our sorrow, we continue to find solace in tales of heroism and resilience and the enduring spirit that emerged from the depths of tragedy.

“This memorial will stand forever, not only as a tribute to those who lost their lives, but as a testament to the astounding courage and fortitude that defined the response of our community. May it serve as a reminder of the fragility of life, the strength of community, and the enduring power of compassion.

“We will forever honor the lives lost, support the survivors, and cherish the bonds forged in the darkest of hours. We will forever be Oso Strong.”


On March 22, 2014, the hillside above the small Oso neighborhood of Steelhead Haven collapsed, crashing down and swallowing everything in its path. Because it was a Saturday and struck at 10:37 a.m., more families were at home, including many young children. In minutes, the neighborhood was obliterated and 43 lives were lost. Despite the devastation, the immediate days following the slide saw an inspiring display of resilience. Locals waded into the muck and debris, refusing to leave until the last victim was found. It would be months before that happened, but remains for all 43 souls were eventually recovered. The local community banded together to do whatever was needed, providing water and food to rescue and recovery crews, offering therapy dogs, launching fundraisers, and more.

Almost immediately, survivors and family members began fundraising for a permanent memorial at the site. Collaborating with Snohomish County Parks, state lawmakers from the 39th District, and others, they raised over $6 million to create the memorial, unveiled Friday.

The memorial includes a panel dedicated to each of the 43 individuals lost, or in some cases, a shared panel for multiple family members who were killed. Each wrought-iron panel was created with input from survivors and families, specifically reflecting the personalities of the lives they represent.

*featured image via The Seattle Times


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