Cap on sales of homemade food products to increase by $10,000 under new law by Rep. Carolyn Eslick

Cottage food producers will see a $10,000 increase to the annual cap on their gross sales under a new law signed earlier today.  

Washingtonians with a cottage food permit can sell homemade food products such as baked goods, candies, jams, jellies, preserves, and dry tea blends without a food processor’s license. Permitholders are currently limited to $25,000 in gross sales annually. When House Bill 1500, goes into effect on July 23, however, that limit will increase to $35,000, and the permit will be valid for two years instead of one.

“I truly appreciate the broad, bipartisan support for this timely bill,” said Rep. Carolyn Eslick, R-Sultan, the bill’s sponsor. “During this moment of high inflation and economic uncertainty, every dollar counts. This measure will help families pay bills and put food on the table.”

Under the new law, the state Department of Agriculture will also increase the cap every four years based on the change in the consumer price index for Seattle.


Washington State House Republican Communications