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With all that’s happening in the world today, where it seems like once-in-a-generation events occur on a weekly basis, it’s easy to lose track of what’s happening closer to home. I’ve recently sent a newsletter to households throughout the 39th District with updated information about how to stay connected with our region’s local, state, and federal officials.

It’s essential that elected officials hear from active and informed citizens like you. Your voice helps us be more responsive and make better decisions for Washington state.   

An update on my legislative communications

This will be my last email update until after the November election results are certified by the Secretary of State. State law limits our ability to send out legislative communications during election years. These restrictions go into effect beginning Monday, May 16.

The good news is that I can still respond to any questions or comments you may have about legislative issues.

You can always contact me here.

Thank you for being involved in your state government. It’s an honor to serve you.


Carolyn Eslick

State Representative Carolyn Eslick, 39th Legislative District
436 John L. O'Brien Building | P.O. Box 40600 | Olympia, WA 98504-0600
(425) 327-2093 | Toll-free: (800) 562-6000