Thank you for visiting my website. Within these pages, you can learn more about me, things I’m working on and how you can get involved in the legislative process.

People deserve leaders that take the time to understand their concerns and represent their values. I’m committed to listening to you and finding commonsense solutions to the problems facing our communities.

Communicating effectively is a key ingredient to good government, and it’s an area where our state government must do better.

During my time in public office, child care, early learning, and mental health have all been big priorities of mine. They’re issues that make a big impact on both the health of our communities and on our pocketbooks.

This biennium, I was promoted by my colleagues to ranking Republican member on the House Human Services, Youth, and Early Learning Committee, which directly deals with these issues.

In 2024, two of my bills made it past the finish line and were signed into law by the governor:

House Bill 2124 supports and expands access to child care and early learning programs.

House Bill 1946 establishes a Washington health corps behavioral health scholarship program to encourage more people to enter the behavioral health field and help ease our workforce shortage.

As a state representative, the needs of the citizens of the 39th Legislative District are always at the forefront of every decision I make. Good public policy becomes a reality when we work together.

Please contact me if I can be of any help. I look forward to hearing from you.

Rep. Carolyn Eslick
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Election-year restrictions prohibit me from updating my website until after the November 2024 election. However, you are still welcome to contact me anytime.

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My Priorities

Reducing the tax burden on Washington families

Washington families are struggling to keep up with the high cost of groceries, childcare, housing and more - a problem only made worse by new taxes, government regulations, and the pandemic. Legislators should enact meaningful, broad-based tax relief, make childcare more affordable, and make it easier for Washingtonians to own a home.

Read how my colleagues and I are working to make Washington affordable

Making our communities safe

Public safety should be the number one priority of government. Safe neighborhoods are essential to everything from raising kids, starting a business, and participating in civic life. As lawmakers, we must do everything in our power to give law enforcement professionals the tools they need to make our streets safe.

Learn what House Republicans are doing to protect our communities

Addressing mental health, homelessness, and drug addiction

The state must do more to address the growing crises in mental health, homelessness and drug abuse. When I was mayor of Sultan, we ensured that 90% of our residents experiencing homelessness had the resources they needed. Across our state, people are frustrated with the encampments and the lack of effective government action to help those suffering from chronic addiction and untreated mental health challenges.

Read my session wrap-up to find details on what we're doing to address these issues

Empowering parents by providing choice and quality in education

Parents deserve a say in their children’s education and have a right to know what is being taught in the classroom. They should also be empowered to choose the educational path that best fits their child's needs. That's why I sponsored legislation to allow parents to use their share of state education funds for private or home-based education.

Learn more about my ‘Students First’ program to empower parents and help kids

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Meet Carolyn Eslick

Growing up on a farm, and working with her mother at the dry-cleaners by age eleven, taught Carolyn Eslick the value of hard work and commitment to purpose. As a restaurant owner for over 20 years, Carolyn learned the complexities of running a business first-hand.  Looking to help others...

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