About State Rep. Carolyn Eslick

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Rep. Carolyn Eslick was appointed Sept. 20, 2017 to the 39th District seat vacated by former Rep. John Koster.

Carolyn grew up on a farm, learning the value of hard work and commitment to purpose. When she was a small business owner, the city allowed some new retail shops to put their entrances facing Highway 2 instead Main Street, which is the heart of the city. That problem, and finding the solution, got her started in local government.

Since then, Carolyn has served six years as a city council member and more than 9 years as the mayor of Sultan. She is a champion for economic growth and is the founder and former president of GroWashington, a business development and retail incubator.

While working in local government, she demonstrated an unwavering commitment to keeping her community safe. Carolyn is also dedicated to helping young people reach their potential. She served on the board of the Boys and Girls Club for nine years and has worked closely with community members to find solutions to teenage drug and alcohol abuse.

Carolyn lives in Sultan with her husband, Chuck Donaldson, a high school shop and agriculture teacher. They have a blended family, with five children and five grandchildren.